Kashy is a black bird, very kind. If you mess with him, he'll explode. He does not like food that are spicy. He's friends with many birds, and friends with nice pigs. He pops any pig (except nice pigs) any time, any day.

Facts about himEdit


Kashy is a black bird, but he has no white spot. He has his hair combed back. Usually he uses gel to keep it staying like that, but during the night, his hair is messed up. He is 10 years old and has an adopted brother named Slipp. Here's some facts about him:

  • He moved to Angry Birds Island because of a fire that could burn all of his home-island.
  • He's immune to acid. Read how here.
  • He was Iron-Bird and Bat-Bird once.
  • He is in Hogwarts, in the house Ravenclaw.